These quotes are by "Swami Hamsanandaji Maharaj"

"A few words about Swami Hamsanandaji Maharaj”

A few words about Rev. Swami Hamsanandajimaharaj Swami Hamsanandajimaharaj is a simple person with limited needs and no desires. He feels happy to share and give everything given to him. He feels very happy to give, give and give. Whether it is sweets or clothes or money what is given to him , he sees to it that they reach the needy around him. Swamiji accepts one and all. He treats all as his Divine Family. Swamiji does not advise unless asked for. Though simple Swamiji is a highly spiritually evolved person. Though I know Swamiji for more than 15 years, only now I understand the leelamaanushavigraha that he is. Once I was having severe stomach problem in the dead of night. I did not have medicines and nearby shops are closed. Unable to overcome the health issue I surrendered mentally to swamiji and prayed to him to show the way. Suddenly I felt Swamiji's presence beside my bed. All my health trouble vanished and I was perfectly alright.Feeling normal Islowly went into deepsleep. Next day thinking of all this I was wonderstuck. Swamiji gave me this experience to deepen my faith and assure me of his grace. Swamiji never openly declared his high spiritual state. In addition to being Spiritual guide he is also Father and Mother to all of us. Swamiji never shows his stature. He attends to normal routine of cleaning and dusting of his kutir. He carries his water to his kutir. He does not wear shoes or chappals. Once I went to meet him. The person in the reception told me that he is not aware of my visit and accommodation is not available. Iwent to Swamiji and there I met my friend who was willing to take me to her house. I told swamiji about this person in the reception. The way Swamiji dealt with this issue is an education for me. Being a senior Swamiji he could have rung up and pulled him up. Later in the evening satsang that very person came and asked me whether accommodation is needed. I have realised that though swamiji did not say anything to him, he realised his mistake. This is how Swamiji grooms one and all around him. Swamiji is not demanding. The only thing that moves him is our love for him and love of God. Swamiji went around India and abroad when he was relatively young. He gave himself to his guru at very young age.Swamiji once mentioned that he carried bricks and did manual work. He went around in search of God and Guru and it is his fortune and our luck that he joined sivananda ashram and became disciple of rev. Swami Krishnanandajimaharaj. Swamiji is one with his guru. Swamiji's spiritual powers are many but the veil of ignorance on us do not make us realise his true self. It is enough if we are in his presence to evolve to higher spiritual state Swamiji translated many books of swami Sivanandamaharaj and his guru into telugu language.Recently he compiled excerpts from various books of Swami Krishnanandajimaharaj. These books by their very nature bring us closer to the vision of his guruji. When i went through the compilations I became aware that Rev Hamsanandaji has done extensive study of his guru's books and assimilated all important ideas and concepts and these reflect in his thinking, talking and life style as such. It indicates to us how we can learn and imbibe our guru's teachings. Rev Hamsanandaswamiji is very kind to poor. He does not distinguish people on the basis of money, status and education. He encouraged us to be simple in living and high in thinking. He is modern in thinking at the same time. He carries himself with dignity and lives cheerfully. He is beloved son of his guru. Once swamiji mentioned to me that Rev. Madhavanandaji used to refer to swamiji as a Jewel and he is calling me a jewel .I was thrilled to hear that. Swamiji is very unassuming. None can easily find what spiritual heights he climbed .swamiji is exemplary resident of the ashram. He has severe vairagya. He is also into twenty four hour work in the service of his guru. Swamiji has a very sweet voice. Listening to his voice we get transported to higher plane. Swamiji is personification of grace and humility. He is easily forgiving to the faults of his disciples. He is totally away from woman and gold. His commitment to ideal sanyasa life as advocated by Rev. Swami Sivanandaji is total and complete. He is the light of Himalayas. His affection and selfless and unconditional love for one and all shows that he embraced creation and gave his body, mind and soul to God and Gurudev's work. These few above lines are written to inspire all of us and emulate swamiji's example in our lives. He is the beckoning light to us in the midst of samsarsagar so that we reach the shores safely.

Some special qualities of Rev Swami Hamsanandaji stoodout in my memory when I think of him. It was in 1999 June I met him in Sivannda Ashram when I went to Rishikesh. He is lord Krishna personified doing his act to perfection sitting in his kutir. I started corresponding with him through letters and received bundles of wisdom in the shape of his letters which I preserve very carefully. Through various words and explanations in letters swamiji would exhort that we are not the body mind complexes. The essential divine nature in us is his focus while dealing with us. It is as though he sees God everywhere and hence sees God in us. His simple words had a common thread of thought rooted in advaita philosophy. Time and again through his letters he would tell me to rise above the space time continuum. Even while being the advaitist he is, he is rooted in the world in his own wisdom and would tell me to be good and do good. He encouraged me to do as much charity as possible and this he would do with sense of urgency. Even while being philanthropist he would understand my mundane desires and prayers and answer them as benevolent father. He is with us through our thick and thin in our lives irrespective of the fact whether we deserve his grace. He shows perseverance and great patience when we falter and great encouragement when we progress in sadhana. He led me by his exmple of utter simplicity. He showed me that Manana and Nidhidhysana should be constant throughout life irrespective of one’s spiritual progress. He has been very hardworking and active throughout the day at this age of seventy and in the process setting exmple to others. Even while being very efficient in work and translating many of Gurudev’s works into telugu language he accepts people as they re, like a loving mother and true friend. Amidst his busy schedules he replies promptly to all letters received by him and keeps in touch with many which is a blessing to people who could not visit the ashram frequently. Swamiji shows unbelievable simplicity in thinking and talking while wisdom and great commonsense pours out in dealing with various issues and problems at hand.. writing about swamiji is attempting to describe an ocean which is unfathomable. He shows child like purity in thought word and deed. Though rooted in tradition to the core, Swamiji is modern in thinking. To each and everyone he acts thinks advises and gives solace as though he is their own. Swamiji is a universal person with cosmic personality. He is with everyone everywhere at all times. He is ours. He will certainly become yours if you want it. Anybody who wish to get in touch with him can do so .They are welcome. Hari om.

         'By Akella Ramani’


My first glimpse of Swamy Hamsananda, the sacred soldier of substance of his blissful youth, occurred on my southern banks of Divine Life Society on 5th September 1965, while he was silently rendering the Holy Gita in an ardent devotion and a profound magnitude of inexplicable prayerful spirit, that certainly drags the startling stillness for any oscillating soul. I, Ganga, being a witness, I instantly identified his sententious personality's core conviction in the altruistic philosophy of Gita, an ultimate choice for en messe inner transformation of human mind to promote the universal brotherhood. I spontaneously understood Gita is his very life-breath and all the cells of his body imbued with the glory of it. His notion was electrified that no sacrifice, charity, austerity, pilgrimage, religious vow, self restraint and fasting etc., stands comparison with Gita. His unshakable attachment with the holiness of Gita perplexed myself and pushed me to be grilled his firm bent, I asked, whether Ganga or Gita, which one is supreme for him? No wasting of another second, the young Swamy Hamsananda expressed his irrevocable faith that contains words of the Lord emanating from the lips of Himself. He declares, "As a scripture Gita embodies the spiritual mystery beyond space-time and undoubtedly superior to you, because you are only time-bound. Salvation can obtain who bathes in you, does not acquire the power of liberating others. The seeker, who takes a dive into the lore of Gita not only gets liberated himself but also gains the power of liberating others. If you spring from Lord's feet, but Gita emerged directly from His divine lips. Again you liberate who comes to you, the Gita finds it's way to every one and shows the way to liberation. I take my stand on Gita, it is my celestial abode. It alone should be sung, heard, recited, studied and taught". By anticipating that this energetic scribe might proceed further that even Gayatri and God never greater than Gita, I dissolved myself into my deep waters. Such was the amazing emotional quotient of Swamy Hamsananda, a symbolic survivor for simplicity in Divine Life Society. Swamy Hamsananda psychologically renounced worldly life at a very young age in response to an inner call. But he does not recommend total detachment or withdrawal from life to his followers. He achieved a perfect balance between his external and internal aspects. Swamiji engages himself in a varieties of activities such as studious job in postal services, helping in proof reading, publishing his works, printing booklets, translating important volumes, conducting every day prayers, giving instructions regarding letters to be sent to devotees of East and West by clearing their doubts or answering their queries, taking interest in the welfare and well-being of visitors to his kutir. He moves as one with them, discourages any special attention or privilege being shown to himself. Though Swamiji was short in stature, he is very heart full in nature. His simplicity elevates human dignity. His ample advice immediately reduces strain. His prayer-bound vision removes prolonged pain. His every metaphysical answer reflects ancient wisdom. He expects nothing from anybody but respects each and everybody. Whatever he gets at the day from his admirers, he disposes all those to the needy before the dusk. Whatever he preaches first he practices himself. He realizes the divinity in dedicated duty. He has no discrimination of East and West, rich or poor, orthodox or untouchable. Gita moulded him as a perfect holy being of appropriate action. Swamiji's total bank balance is his momentary happiness. He firmly emphasizes that self enquiry leads to ultimate happiness and it can be practiced without prejudice to one's Swadharma at home or the office or the factory or the market place. Once reacting to a Scandinavian's query, Swamiji knowledgably confides, "Happiness is not alien to the humans. It is their birth right. It is their natural state, they, in their ignorance plunging into modern mechanical meaningless life, they don't realize that which is inherent, integral part of themselves and search for it out side themselves." It indicates the analytical spiritual quotient of Swamy Hamsananda, the small salutary pillar on the great foundations of Divine Life Society. 37 years of Swamiji's blemishless sanctified track record and non-partisan approach at my banks, I never found any minute slip in his daily spiritual program. His enthusiasm in service is boundless. His sincerity makes us speechless and his dedication is spotless. He is all the time energetic about his own activities, those acquire the power to live in awareness which defuses all outside pressures automatically. So at any time you can see Swamiji at cheerful state. His benevolence is really a boon for his students and he treats them as his own children. In 1993, by the cordial invitation of his amicable devotee Mr. Wolf Gang Seitz, Swamiji extensively toured all over the Europe and scattered the seeds of divine life in all those aspirants who submitted for his mindful blessings. He offers his listeners an opportunity to live freely and asks them to take responsibility for their lives and asserts no savior would come and make the world "all right", we have to do it ourselves with compassion for every one and everything. When a German disciple asked Swamiji, "What is the best thought to realize God?", he reacts rationally with his usual characteristic humour, "No thought only leads to Lord. The very idea of thought itself makes men miserable. Thoughts have not done anything more positively for the people except exploit them, expose their fear and set them against each other". This thought-provoking response reveals the intelligent quotient of Swamiji, who perennially prays for his Divine Life Society's significant role and it's giant leaps in spiritual evolution. Simplicity speaks, humbleness walks in Sri Hamsananda's heart Spirituality peeps in his decisions as a benevolent start Nobility of his every deed has miraculous divine support Sincerity in duty always he trusts as heaven's passport!

      ‘By Ravi Jandhyam


1. I was born on 25th May 1939 in Mustyala.
2. I completed my studies in 1956 in Siddipeta.
3. I spent one whole night under a big tree in Hyderabad for finding God.
4. I Went to Guntur and did Ram Namam 4 hours a day for 2 months in Rama Nama Kshetram.
5. I spent one year in Agaram, Srinivasa Ashram and had first Darshan of Bhagawan Sri Satya Sai Baba there.
6. I ate broken coconuts in front of Sri Kalahasti Temple.
7. I carried mud and bricks on my head for the construction of buildings in Tirumala Hills.
8. I went to Sri Vyasashram and served Maharshi Malayala Swami for two years.
9. I had Darshan of Sri Swami Vidya Prakashananda Maharaj in vyasashram at the time of Guru Pooja.
10. I had Darshan of Sri Swami Omkarji Maharaj in Vyasashram.
11. I had Darshan of Sri Swami Chinmayanandaji Maharaj in Vyasashram.
12. I went to Madras Goudiya Math and had Darshan of Dr. Sarvapalli Radha Krishnan and also Bhagawan Satya Sai Baba for second time and received holy Vibhuti from him.
13. I spent one month in Brindavan in the company of Pujya Avadhutendra Saraswati Swami.
14. I came to Rishikesh in 1965 and went by foot to Yamunotri, Gangotri, Kedarnath and Badrinath.
15. I studied Upanishads unde Pujya Sri Swami Dayanandaji Maharaj in Purana Jhadi.
16. I came to Sri Sivananda Ashram on 1.9.1965 and had Darshan of Sri Swami Devanandaji Maharaj in Gurudev Kutir.
17. I had Darshan of my Gurudev on 5.9.1965 in Bhajan Hall and joined in Sri Sivananda Ashram.
18. I entered in Sannyasa Order of life on 12th June 1975 in Gurudev Kutir.
19. I had Darshan on Amarnath Sivalingam in August 1975.
20. I had darshan of Swami Madhavanandaji Maharaj along with Smt Ramani Jayaram in Gurudev Kutir .
21. I had Darshan of Lord Brahma Temple in Pushkar, near Ajmer on 17.2.1979.
22. I went to Mount Abu and visited the Brahma Kumari Temple on 18.2.1979.
23. I had Darshan of Nageshwar Mahadev and Bhet Dwaraka on 22.2.1979.
24. I had Darshan of Padukas of Lord Dattatreya after climbing 11,000 steps on Girinar Hills on 23.2.1979.
25. I had Darshan of Somanath Mahadev Temple on 24.2.1979.
26. I went to Ganeshpuri and had Darshan of Samadhi of H.H. Swami Nityanandaji Maharaj In Vajreshwari on 2.3.1979.
27. I saw Ellora Caves 33 in number and ahrishneshwar Mahadev Temple on 3.3.1979.
28. I had Darshan of Shiridi Sai Baba Temple and Upasani Baba Ashram and Godavari Mata on 4.3.1979.
29. I went to Alandi and had Darshan of Samadhi Mandir of Santh Jnaneshwarji Maharaj on 5.3.1979.
30. I had Darshan of Samadhi Mandir of Sri Akkalkot Maharaj on 7.3.1979.
31. I had Darshan of Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Swami Samadhi on 12.3.1979.
32. I had Darshan of Palani Swami Temple on 15.3.979.
33. I had Darshan of Madurai Meenakshi Temple on 16.3.1979.
34. I went to Vivekananda Rock Memorial, took bath where three oceans meet together and had Darshan of Kanyakumari Temple on 19.3.1979.
35. I had Darshan of Padmanabha Swami Temple at Trivandrum on 20.3.1979.
36. I went to Rameshwaram, took bath in the ocean and also with the water of 22 wells and had Darshan of Rameshwar Mahadev on 22.3.1979.
37. I had Darshan of Brihadeeshwaralayam at Tanjore and went to Tiruvayoor and had Darshan of Samadhi Mandhir of Sri Tyagaraja Swami on 24.3.1979.
38. I went to Tiruvannamalai and had Darshan of Samadhi Mandir of Sri Ramana Maharshi on 26.3.1979.
39. I had Darshan of Tiruthani Subrahmanya Swami Temple on 29.3.1979.
40. I went to Sri Vyasashram and had Darshan of Sri Malayala Swami Samadhi and Sri Vimalananda Swami Samadhi on 30.3.1979.
41. I went to Vijayawada and performed Anna Prashana celebration to Sri Vivekananda Murthy, son of Sri Ch. S.R. Murthy on 1.4.1979.
42. I had Darshan on Simhachala Nrisimha Swami on 4.4. 1979.
43. I went to Chodavaram and had Darshan of Tekkam Saraswatamma garu and family members on 6.4.1979.
44. I had Darshan of Srikoormam and Arasavelli Temples on 9.4.1979.
45. I had Darshan of Puri Jagannath Temple and Sri Shankaracharya Peetham on 11.4.1979.
46. I had Darshan of Sri Linga Raja Temple at Bhuvaneshwar on 12.4.1979.
47. I had Darshan of Dakshineshwar Temple, Kalighat Temple and Birla Planitorium in Calcutta on 16.4.1979.
48. I had Darshan of Sri Viswanath Temple, Annapurna Temple and Banaras Hindu University at Varanasi on 17.4.1979.
49. I went to Mirjapur and had Darshan of Vindhyachaleshwari and went to Prayag and took bath on 18.4.1979, where Ganga, Yamuna and Saraswati Rivers meet together.
50. I went to Ayodhya and had Darshan of Sri Rama Janma Bhoomi and took bath in Sarayu river on 20.4. 1979.
51. I went to Merta city and had Darshan of Meera Bai Temple and had Darshan of Sati Mata at Naguar., who was not taking either food or water since 27 years on 15.2.1981.
52. I went to Nathdwar and had Darshan of Lord Krishna on 17.2.1981.
53. I went to Ujjain and took bath in Kshipra River and had Darshan of Maha Kaleswar Temple, Vikramaditya Temple and Sandeepani Vidyalaya on 18.2.1981.
54. I went to Indore and had Darshan of Omkareshwar Mahadev and Sri Markandeya Sannyasashram on 20.2.1981.
55. I crossed River Narmada by boat and had Darshan of Amaleshwar Mahadev on 21.2.1981.
56. I went to Oundo Naganath and had Darshan of Naganath Mahadev Temple and Parli Vaidyanath Temple on 22.2.1981.
57. I went to Nashik and had Darshan of Tryambakeshwar Mahadev Temple on 24.2.1981.
58. I went to Bombay and had Darshan of Siddhi Vinayak Temple, Mahalakshmi Mandir and Planitorium on 2.2.1981.
59. I had Darshan of Sri Shaila Mallikarjuna Swami and Bhramaramba Devi at Sri Shailam on 5.2.1981.
60. I went to Bhimashankar and had Darshan of Bhimashankar Mahadev Temple and Gorakh Nath Temple on 27.2.1981.
61. I went to Sangli and had Darshan of Vallabhacharya Dwaraka Temple, Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Mandir and Sri Narsobo Mandir on 1.3.1981.
62. I went to Pandarpur and took bath in Chandrabhaga River and had Darshan of Vithal Bhagawan on 2.3.1981.
63. I went to Hyderabad and had Darshan of H.H. Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Maharaj in the house of Smt. Sarojini Devi, Poorvashram sister of Sri Swami Madhavanandaji Maharaj on 3.3.1981.
64. I went to Mysore and had Darshan of King's palace and the Illumination on 8.3.1981.
65. I went to Shravanabelagola and had Darshan of Digambara Mahaveera Statue on 57 feet height on 9.3.1981.
66. I went to Belur and had Darshan of Chennakeshwara Swami Temple and Sri Subrahmanya Swami Temple in Subrahmanyam on 10.3.1981.
67. I went to Dharmashala and visited Sri Manjunatha Swami Temple on 11.3.1981.
68. I visited Bahubali Mahaveer Statue of 39 feet height and went to Sringeri and had Darshan of Shankaracharya Sringeri Peetham and Sri Abhinava Vidya Thirtha Swami on 12.3.1981.
69. I visited Mookambika Matha and went to Gokarna and had bath in Arabian Ocean and had Darshan of Sri Gokarneshwara Temple on 14.3.1981.
70. I went to Anand Ashram of Kanhangad and had Darshan of Mother Krishna Bai and Swami Satchidanandaji Maharaj on 16.3.1981.
71. I had Darshan of Swami Abhedanand Ashram at Trivandrum and went to the home of Swami Brahmanandaji Maharaj on 17.3.1981.
72. I went to Guruvayur and had Darshan of Lord Krishna with four hands on 19.3.1981.
73. I went to Skanda Giri and had Darshan of Skanda Mata, Subrahmanya Swami, five faced Ganapati, five faced Hanuman and Dattatreya Bhagawan on 20.3. 1981.
74. I went to Tiruttani and had Darshan of Sri Subrahmanya Swami and reached Tirumala and had Darshan of Lord Venkateshwara on 21.3.1981.
75. I went to Bhadrachalam and had Darshan of Lord Rama with four hands on 23.3.1981.
76. I went to Chevendrapalam and had Darshan of Sri sivananda Ashram and went to Gudivada and had Darshan of Sri Swami Nirvikalpananda on 26.3.1981.
77. I went to Tadepalligudem and had Satsang in Sivananda Seva Ashram on 28.3.1981.
78. I went to Bendapudi Ashram and to Sri Shanti Ashram on 30.3.1981.
79. I went to Pendurti and had Darshan of Sri Swami Jnananandeji Maharaj on 1.4.1981.
80. I went to Ganga Sagar and took bath there on 5.4.1981.
81. I went to Gowahati and had Darshan of Karmakhya Devi Temple and Bhuvaneswari Temple on 8.4.1981.
82. I went to Darjeeling in Toy Train from Siliguri and came back to Siliguri on 10.4.1981.
83. I went to Khatmandu (Nepal) and had Darshan of Pashupathinath Temple and Shesha Shayi Vishnu Temple on 13.4.1981.
84. I went to Chitrakoot and did Kamada Giri Parikrama on 19.4.1981.
85. I went to Kanpur and visited Jammu & Kashmir Temple and Radha Krishna Temple on 20.4.1981.
86. I went to Naimisharanyam and visited Swami Naradananda Ashram, Chakra Teertham, Vyasa Gaddi, Sute Gaddi on 21.4.1981.
87. I had Darshan of BhagawanSatya Sai Baba when he came to Sivananda Ashram from Laxman Jhule in the month of April 1982.
88. I started teaching Sanskrit to Sri Marie Louise Seitz of Germany in 1985.
89. I fulfilled the wish of Sri Wolf Gang Saitz of Germany and visited nine countries in Europe in 1993.
90. I visited Rhein River in Switzerland on 14.8.1993 and went to the top of Santis mountain on 15.8.1993.
91. I went to Assisi on 5.9.1993 and passed through 14 k.m. underground road in Austria and reached Sri Swami Satyananda Ashram.
92. I went to Winterthur on 8.9.1993 and had Darshan of H.H. Swami Omkaranandaji Maharaj on 9.9.1993 in Austria and went to the house of Sri Rita Rupreta Mataji in Ins. Village on 10.9.1993.
93. I went to the house of Swami Poorna Brahmananda Mataji on 17.9.1993 and went to Holy Lourdes on 22.9.1993 and went to Buddhist Monastry on the top of the hill on 23.9.1993.
94. I had Darshan of H.H. Swami Chidanandaji Maharah in Koln on 29.9.1993 and heard his lecture "Love of God".
95. I visited Dom Cathedral in Koln on 1.10.1993 and went to Om Shanti Ashram in Holland on 3.10.1993 and had Darshan of H.H. Swami Hridayananda Mataji on 4.10.1993 and went to Belgium on 5.10.1993 and saw International plantation in Gimbergan.
96. I went to Frankfurt on 12.10.1993 and visited Yoga Vidya Center of Sri Sukadev and did Archana to Durga Mata, Laxmi Mata and Saraswati Mata on 15,16,17th October in 1993.
97. I saw Sri Divya Jyoti (Hans) on 22.10.1993 and saw Sri Helga Busse on 23.10.1993 and ate in Tajmahal Hotel on 24.10.1993 and reached Praha on 26.10.1993.
98. I saw Paramhamsa Yogananda center of Sri Manohar and conducted Satsang on 30.10.1993.
99. I saw one hundred days birth centenary programme of Sri Sadguru Swami Sivanandaji Maharaj on and before 8th September 1987.
100. I attended Golden Jubilee birthday programme of H.H. Swami Krishnandaji Maharaj on 25.4.1972.
101. I attended Diamond Jubilee birth day programme of H.H. Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj on 24.9.1976.
102. I attended Diamond Jubilee birth day programme of H.H. Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj on 25.4.1982.
103. I attended Diamond Jubilee birth day programme of H.H. Swami Devananandaji Maharaj on 19.6.1997.
104. I went to Kothapenta and made Bhoo Samadhi for the body of Swami Devanandaji Maharaj on 9.1.2000.
105. I had Darshan of Sri Swami Jyotirmayanandaji when he came from Florida (U.S.A.) to Sivananda Ashram.
106. I had Darshan of H.H. Swami Ranganathandaji Maharaj of Rama Krishna Mission when he came to Sivananda Ashram.
107. I had Darshan of H.H. Swami Veereshwaranandaji Maharaj president of Sri Rama Krishna Mission, when came to Sivananda Ashram.
108. I am feeling happy now, since I realized that I was in God. I am in God and I shall be in God.
Om Tat Sat
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih
In the Divine presence of Gurudev
Swami Hamsananda Saraswati


With your invitation to say some words about Swami Hamsanandaji you give me a great chance to express my deeply felt gratefulness to Swami Hamsanandaji. I can only say: His kindness and his goodness are his very nature.
I met Swami Hamsanandaji in 1993, when he came to Europe and visited nine countries. On this tour he also came to Hannover (Germany), where I had the great chance to meet him. The meeting was wonderful but it was much too short.
My familiar situation did not allow me to go to Rishikesh. So I decided to write to Swami Hamsanandaji asking him whether from time to time I could ask him my spiritual questions. So our spiritual correspondence began.
Swami Hamsanandaji explained me many things and taught me with an indescribable patience how to follow the spiritual path. He was so far away but his spirit filled all the rooms and, above all, my heart. His long animity was beyond words. His letters with his instructions had become milestones for my life. After a longer time I began to notice that his real teaching consisted in the words behind his words and I just followed what he had given me to understand. His teaching got more and more subtle. Frontiers around me lost their importance and finally dissolved. The time had come when I realized: All is THAT, all is ONENESS, all is GOD.


"I visited India 15 years ago. That was the first time to come to India for me. That time I was learning yoga. Many yoga friends visited India, but I did not have interesting about India so much. One day my yoga friend asked me to travel to India together. I thought to I should go to India one time because I learned yoga. Then I agreed. After travelling some places we come to Rishikesh. She had visited India many times before. Whenever she came to India, she stayed at Rihikesh for a while after visiting some tourist spots. She had stayed for many months at Rishikesh. We stayed at Rishikesh for 2 weeks. We did not stay at Sivananda Ashram but we came to Sivananda Ashram everyday. We were asked by many Indians what we felt about Indian. I replied there are two kinds of people who lived very hard. One of them lives very hard spiritually like ashram persons and another one lives to keep their lives like beggars. I got interest the spiritual life. I wanted to live in divineness. From that time I thought continuously about living in Rishikesh someday. I did not come to India for two years after the first visit. But when I came to India again, I stayed for 5 months at Sivananda Ashram. Then my mind became firm to live at Rishikesh. After that I came to Rishikesh every year, almost twice a year to confirm my determination. Then I have moved from Tokyo to Rishikesh at last in 2004. When I stayed at Sivananda Ashram for five months , my friend suggested to do seva. She asked me which I wanted the library or cleaning of the mandir or the post office. I choosed the post office. Then I met Swami Hamsanandaji. Since I visited him whenever I came to Rishikesh

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