It was late eighties somewhere around 1988 , that was the time I was studying in Delhi. One of my friends who is a Japanese girl wanted to see some religious place and requested me to take her. I thought Rishikesh is the place to show her. We started on a Sunday planning to come back in two days. We were in the bus chatting all the way and after sometime heard the conductor telling we just crossed Rishikesh. We requested the conductor to stop bus and got down. When we got down we could see that we just landed where Sivananda ashram is there. We went into reception and asked for accommodation for two days which they kindly consented. After refreshing ourselves we went and played in Gangamayi’s holy waters. While coming back I picked up a book by the title “ Self-realisation, it’s meaning and method” written by Swami Krishnanandaji maharaj. At that time I know nothing about Gurus and ashrams. I read the book consisting of around 60 pages (approx) late into the night and completed. I was stuck by the simplicity with which the highest truth is explained. I got curious to see the swamiji. When I went to him he was busy. A simple person explaining such truths while living the simplest life ,for me, appeared real amazing. I could instantly connect to him and got enthusiasm to learn from him. That was a phase I was going through in which I constantly used to wonder about meaning of life and it’s purpose. I saw and felt humanbeings think alikeand live similar lives. I felt there should be a higher meaning for which striving is essential. I intuitively felt this swamiji who seems to be so simple and selfless would be capable of taking me on my inner journey and growth. Manytimes after that I came to the ashram seeking mantra from him. He was busy always and had no time for me. I am not a conventional person. One day i saw swamiji walking on his way to give a lecture at the ashram. I confronted him on the road and asked him for initiation. He asked me to meet next day. The following day I attended his lecture at Samadhi mandir and after the lecture approached him. Then and there he gave mantra. After that it has been a momentous journey on spiritual path. All through I felt his presence in his books. I was unable to have contact with him personally but I have the deep belief that he would protect me always. Once I wrote an article and sent it to him. I am not a great writer. My knowledge of scriptures is very limited. All that I have is an intense devotion to Gurudev and the firm belief that moksha should be one’s ultimate goal. To my pleasant surprise I received a letter from him with encouraging words about the essay I sent him. During the last time I saw swamiji maharaj , while I was sitting in his presence, an elderly gentleman came and told him that he had swamiji’s darsan in his town and came all the way to take initiation from him. It was a glorious moment because swamiji had not left Rishikesh for a long time and this gentleman saw him in his town. It had confirmed my belief that swamiji’s spiritual presence is there with me always. They do not need their physical bodies to uplift us. During that visit I wrote a long letter expressing my love, devotion and gratitude to him. In the present website not much is found on swamiji and his teachings because there is a full fledged website on swamiji run by his close disciple. I feel it is my fortune that I met him and lived in the time he was present and for me he is one among the gods who walked on this sacred soil

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         'By Akella Ramani’

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