In search of your biography
I went around the world
I do not know that the
Answer is within me.
You are gurutattwa personified.
Why should i know
When your body was born or
When you were initiated
Into mysteries divine.
Are we not, the disciples around
Speak what you are.
With you dancing in our hearts,as
We go around our routines,
Listening to your teachings and
You, fulfilling our minute desires
Speak what you are to all of us.
You do not acknowledge
Your greatness,but
Living as simple as you are
We want to become your replicas
Bequeathing your love to posterity

Allelulia-praise the Lord

Beyond time and space you exist
Yet here you are in Name and Form
To Lift me – Your replica
To Love me – your ownself
To Pamper me – your child
To Guide me – your disciple
For your reflection to merge
Back into reality that you are
You have come to me
When I was groping for
Meaning and purpose of life
And the love story of the
Self seeking the self
Got unfolded once for all
The growing up of a New Born
And the teething troubles for
Itself and it’s self has begun
However, everything is only a gain
You are in me, around me
And in between – you say
I am you and you are me
Bit by bit I experience this
Perhaps slow and steady
Is the progress in the race
Then everybody wins this race
It is a matter of time.
You make me cry and laugh
You tease me and follow me as shadow
You are there to turn for succour always
Is there anything that is not you ?
Having met you I realised that
There is no greater happiness
Then being with you always
There is no higher purpose for life
Then becoming one with you O’Lord.

Eternal Yearning

The deafening and blinding Advaitic experience
That makes me see and hear myself all around
Leaving me forlorn with its fleeting friendship
Churns my soul in the ocean of silence and sorrow
And the eternal depths seem eluding for ever
Perhaps a precursor to opening the gates of
Inward bliss in my onward journey to myself !
The silent sorrow of the soul takes
Solace in a satirical sense of humour
Who can complain to him about himself ?
Is it not his play of hide and seek with himself ?
Realising my helplessness, I wait with
Parched mouth, like the chataka bird
For a little shower of his grace
That quenches my eternal thirst
And culminates in eternal joy here and now.

Eternal Quiet

In the union of soul with itself
That resembles the gushing of the
Rivulets of life into the ocean of eternity
Silence is the ruling monarch.
The silent depths of emotion
Bring to the shore, the pearl
Of love and devotion that
Resembles madness made worse
Reason and understanding fail here
It is a realm beyond intellect.
This umbilical connection that
Pulls the soul into unsevered
And unalloyed bliss makes entry
Possible, into the empire of nonduality.
One in thousands, having tasted
This eternal quiet, become one
With Sat-Chit-Ananda, which is
Existence consciousness – Bliss, All in one
Enjoying the inexplicable bliss of
Silence, they stand out as beckoning lights
Lest man may think that this
Play here is an end in itself.

Divine Drama

Like a child entering water
To play with and getting drowned
The soul enters the world
As part of its own play
And loses its identity
Starting the seemingly endless drama.
Endless indeed are it’s
Encounters and bondages
On it’s way back to its source
Beginning with natal bondage
The soul gets entrenched
In a mire of relations
Brothers, sisters, husband/wife
Sons, daughters and grand children
Creating longings and clinging
That make death appear as life.
Throughout the miles it traverses
So many approvals to seek
So many things to exhibit
Too many complexes to resolve
Too much ego to show off
So many depressions to get over
So many disappointments to overcome
Too much of senseless talk
And aimless wandering.
Jumping from one desire to another
It searches every nook and corner
For the elusive elixir of life
Tasting everything clean or dirty
Gratifying the eyes and ears
Like a cranky child that avenges itself
The soul sinks in the
Bottomless pit called world.
In such a childish stupidity
That stretches birth after birth
Some need a hundred
Some others need a thousand
For some a hundred thousand
However each one needs these
Thrashings from the world
To wake up from the deep slumber and
To know what for they are here.
Then the beginning of the end
Gets unfolded step by step
Can the cosmic drama that started
With such pomp and show
End with a whimper
The ending is as breath taking
As the beginning indeed
Having its own twists and turns
Offering it’s special melodrama
Making the soul cry and laugh
And wonder what is it all about.
Every step forward now offers
A climb down the hill four steps backward
Making the peaks and troughs of past
Pale into insignificance
Every step to correct oneself
Shows hundred unrectified ones
A gigantic task to carry on.
The passage through this path of fire
Is not for the coward and diffident
Not for the wavering and impatient
Certainly not for the faithless.
With the aids of faith, devotion
And patience, the soul that can
March forward through thick and thin
Gets coronated in the Kingdom of
Supreme self, the final act that
Brings the curtain down
Climaxing in eternal celebration.


Like the dirt of dirts
I lay on the wayside
Some exclaimed with disgust
“Is this the way to live ?”
Some, loathing my company,
Sighed with relief `Good riddance!’
Some celebrated stating
“What stupidity and ignorance
Must have gone totally mad”
Some threw pitiable looks and
Stated as a matter of fact
“Poor fellow, fallen on bad days”
Some understandingly nodded saying
“All these tests are common before
Reaching him, The ultimate”
Slain into pieces by this world
My ego hisses like the mythical serpent
That comes back alive after thousand deaths
My sleepy intellect wakes up
Lazily, to yawn and observe before
Falling asleep again silently.
Amidst this gory like havoc and misery
A little shower of your grace descends
To lighten my saddled soul and
I hear a voice whisper pamperingly.
“Is it possible to receive him
Who is humility itself
Without giving up the ego.
Is it possible to be one with him
Who is the form of love
Without becoming love itself.
The so called troubles and tribulations
That make you dirt of dirt
In the eyes of the world, finally
Transforms you into the salt of this earth
That each one needs and subsist not without”.
Trying to sink these words into
My consciousness, I wonder
Whether I love you O’lord truely.
Love does not indulge in self pity
Which arises out of selfishness
Love does not seek conditions and
Comforts to reach its loved one.
Love does not speak what
It does, for the sake of love
Love rules hearts in silence
Erasing it’s separate existence
Calculations exist not in this realm
Which is existence beyond measurements.
Realising that you are love Incarnate
I yearn and pray in earnest, O’lord
For this love that loves for love’s sake
Which can not come by any merit
Except as a matter of your grace.

Eternal Love

Locking my eyes with yours, I sank
In the primal desire of creation
Embedded in the deep blue
Oceans that your eyes are
All the stars of the universe
Made a garland of themselves
To decorate you and me
And the vedic hymns chanted
The love we have for each other.
The soft ruffles of the wind
The gentle caress of the breeze and
The soothing sights of the nature
Sang about your presence around me.
The mischievous play of children and
The jovial cajoling of friends
Reminded your indulgent friendship
Your teachings of life and living
Your affectionate caring every second
Is that of a true teacher and parent
You are my friend, my teacher
You are my parent, my child
You are my life, my everything
You are my love and my ownself.
You have become all these for me
Out of your compassion, my Lord
With everything and every sound
Including my irregular heartbeats
Making me see and hear you everywhere,
I recognise and realise my unity with you
Who exists as the one without second?
He is one’s own
For some of us
He is a master come to test us
And make us eligible to pass
The Entrance Test to immortality
He dispenses favours to pamper us
He showers attention to nurture us
He rejects and denies to humble us
He scolds and ridicules
To bring out our best
Living with him is to be
In constant war with oneself
For he does not stop till we learn
To better ourselves every minute.
For some of us
He is another worldly being
To be feared and doubted
Who has come to train us
The untrainable lot
Who is here to chastise us
The sinners
Who has come to lift us
From the depths of worldly existence
And to lead us into the
Heavens of immortality
He has conquered sleep and hunger
He takes medicines and
Follow the wheel of time
Only to be in tune with
The mundane life on earth
He travels and rests for others sake
Though on a present and ever restful
His accessibility conceals his real self
Which is awesome to be hold.
For some of us
He is our best friend
Our own father and mother who
Bears all the nuisance we make
Quarrels with and punish our enemies
Our own property for keeping
As long as we want, throw and
Done with when we are upset
Some soul to whom we can
Complain about every body and everything
Someone who bestows favours
Only on our favoured lot
Somebody to throw tantrums on
And exhibit complexes varied
He is an article to be used
And left as per our pleasure
To be hated and distanced when
His good counsel tastes insipid.
For some of us
He is old and elderly
He is a child to be taken care of
He should get up in time
And go to bed in time
He should eat in time
And go far walking on time
Should travel less and rest more.
He is an elderly saint of
The divine life society
Whose satsangs and slokas
To be remembered fondly
Whose amicable accessibility
Soothen our ruptured ego
Whose informal ways welcome us
To take to spirituality and
Sadhana without much hesitation.
Some called him Karunanidhi
Many call him Swami Madhavananda
Some say he is the Vice President
Of the Divine life society
Some conclude he is God himself
By whatever name we call him
In whatever way we behold him
For each one of us, “HE IS ONE’S OWN”

DIvine Love

In the deep recesses of our heart
Is hidden the existence of non existence
The satchitananda that permeates our being
In its kindred forms of love
It is the love that annihilates itself
To kindle thousand loves and beings
It is the love that does not rest for itself
It is the love that embraces one and all
It is the love that knows no boundaries
It is the love humans can only sing about
Till they experience their divine depths
It is the love that invites the whole cosmos
Tantatisingly to fall in love with itself
And makes possible the unfolding of
The story of creation everytime.
What a fortune to behold this love
What an ecstasy to experience it
What a misery to miss it
Traces of it’s aroma is there in a beloved’s voice
Its fragrance is there in a mother’s fondling
Its flavour is there in every friendship
However no human relationship can define it fully
Only experience divine gives a taste of
This Nectarine love, immortal in nature.
Those experiencing this love become one with it
Like a salt doll that goes to measure the ocean.

The Snake Charmer

Like a snake under the spell of the snake charmer
I appear to dance to the music of your love
When I feed you well and full
I feel like mother yashoda
Indulging in her baby Krishna
When I dedicate myself to Dharma and
Follow you in thought word and deed
I become Rukmini living for you alone.
When I question your cosmic plan
And throw tantrum on you, finally
Ending up in your enticing embrace
I am your satyabhama.
When I think of the days that
I have to be away from you
I console my self reminding of Radha
You have come as a snake charmer
To charm me out of this
Dream like earthly existence
And to make me realise that
This snake like worldly appearance is
The rope of your omnipresent consciousness.
Your charms of self less
And self seeking love, loving
Your omnipresent self are
Unfathomable and inexplicable.
They praise your riches I know out
They sing your glories I know not
They worship your omnipotence, I care not.
But O’lord I know what is love
Only when you came into my life
You are the form of love, beauty and bliss
And for this, I hasten to fall at your feet
And pray not to leave them
Until the end of time itself.

His Love

His enticing looks and arrows of love
Touch the deep core of my being
His jovial nature and joyful presence
Lifts my spirits above the mundane matters
His pampering and caring every second
Makes life worth living and a wonder to behold
Tied up in his embrace
My earthly bonds fall off one by one
And I zoom to embrace
The whole universe, his creation
He is beauty, He is love
He is the meaning of Existence itself


The whole manifestation
Dissolved into great void.
All names and Forms
Got united in one
Undivided consciousness.
All my silk robes gave way
To nakedness.
Without food, clothing shelter
Taking your example
I stand in my imagination
Tasting the Atmic Bliss.
You invite me to
Lose myself into
Universal existence,
Where the I ness and Mineness
Dissolve completely.
There you stand among
The snowy mountains
Beckoning us to the royal path.
O’ Jetsun you have
Come to chastise me
And my way of life,
And to open the door of
Immortality to me.
In this world that
Exists in between
The seeming reality and your
Immortal eternity,
I swing to and fro.
Save me O’ saint from myself
And bless me to live your teachings
And reach your royal doors that
Open into the ultimate realisation.

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