Robin Maharaj

Born in Bengal, India, on the 25th December 1954, and left his body on the 28th November 1999 in Bengal, India.
Established the ‘Paramananda Mission’ in 1978 in Burdwan district, Bengal, which is a welfare organisation consisting mainly     of an orphanage,school and hospital for the most needy and destitute people of the remote regions. Today more than 20       branches of the Mission are established in Bengal and other parts of India.
Came to Norway and the West for the first time in 1989, and stayed mainly at Shantibu, Alvdal, for one year.
Visited Norway again in 1993, 1995 and 1998, and gathered many friends there and elsewhere in Europe.
Inspired the revival of the Peace University idea, and the work and energy for realizing it.


When I was around 20 year old my paternal uncle brought home Swami Paramanandaji maharaj. That was my first encounter with a saint or Sanyasi. There was some otherworldly bliss in Swamiji. He was Paramanandam personified . It was this happiness around him that made a deep impression on me and made me curious about the spiritual path. Swamiji stayed with us for three days. On one of these days I told my mother that I want to cook for him. Swamiji used to eat only boiled vegetables at that time. I very carefully took some vegetables cleaned and cut them and boiled them. Being new to cooking I had taken long time to do. Having finished cooking I came out and my sister came jumping and told me that Swamiji gave her and all others mantra. I was quite unhappy that I did not get mantra from him. I went and asked him why I was not given the favour given to all others. Swamiji diverted my attention and asked me to bring the food. He has eaten fondly what I cooked, drank water and thanked me and said that there was no salt in it. In my ignorance I forgot to put salt in the food. I felt very bad for my mistake but was happy that Swamiji ate the food. After that many times I spoke to him over phone. Among the myriad number of people he might have met, when I ring up he would immediately recognise and talk. His encouragement in my most dark hours of life is tremendous. Once he told me that God has blessed me. In my innocence I asked ”Swamiji, God blesses everybody. Is he blessing me specially?. Swamiji laughed and said ,”believe me he is blessing you specially”. I was very happy listening to that. But the purport of it became clear slowly. Inspite of any calamity in life I tend to be peaceful because of these assurances by these saints who blessed me profusely. Who but these great souls can influence in such short time and make us dream about realising our ownself.

swami paramanananda swami paramanananda swami paramanananda

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