We came to know the activities of Arsha Vidya Gurukulam through Swamini Atmaleenanandji. Her guru is Pujya Swami Dayananda Saraswati.

It is difficult to describe Pujya Swamiji as he is like a spiritual Ocean. One of his activities is All India Movement of Seva. Swamiji says that we should be contributors to society and should not just remain as consumers. I have attended many of his lectures through which I got the where with all to lead my daily life wisely. It is this wisdom he imparted that made me and my sister take up Sandhya gurukulam project in Andhra Pradesh. We went to Annaikattte ashram near coimbattore where training of the Vidya Volunteers is conducted. The concept of Sandhya gurukulam mainly is to gather children at a place in the evening, especially children whose parents are not educated and to teach them about our culture, helping them in studies and making them good citizens .

The first batch of Vidya Volunteer training took place two years back in Hyderabad. The main person to train them is my sister Indira Kishore. She is academic director in a chain of schools in Hyderabad. There are eight centres running the Sandhya gurukulams in our village as well as other villages.

In January 2014 we have conducted second work shop training 28 Vidya Volunteers in Kakinada . The response and help we got from Shri Papayya Sastry guru and Sri Jagadish guru is overwhelming. They are in the project without taking any remuneration.

The finance for workshops and the honorarium paid to Vidya Volunteers is shared among our group consisting Indira Kishore, Praveen and myself. The second work shop is conducted in Sree Pitham, ashram of Swami Paripoornanandji Maharaj. With their cooperation, the work shop was conducted successfully. The following are some of the photos taken in the workshop.

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