Three Things To Think

1.Almighty Lord is all pervading.
      Almighty Lord is all powerful.
      Almighty Lord is all perfect.
2.Be simple.
      Be sincere.
      Be silent.
3.Church becomes a temple, when one sees Krishna in Christ.
      Temple becomes a church, when one sees Christ in Krishna.
      Mosque becomes a Mandir, when one sees Madhava in Mohammad.
4.Cheating others is cheating yourself.
      Cheating yourself is cheating God.
      Cheating God is Chiselling yourself.
5.Disciple is one, who dives deep in the ocean of devotion.
      Devotee is one, who dives deep in the ocean of knowledge.
      Knower is one, who dives deep in the ocean of known.
6.Beat not cat.
      Cut not goat.
      Eat not meat.
7.Fool is he, who thinks others as fools.
      Fool is he, who does not think himself as a fool.
      Fool is he, who does not think of fullness.
8.God is Existence.
      God is Knowledge.
      God is Bliss.
9."Himalayas" is Father.
      "Ganges" is Mother.
      "God" is all put together.
10.I am Brahman.
      I am a blade of grass.
      I am a buffalo too.
11.I am tall.
      I am small.
      I am all.
12.Jump into the ocean of Ram.
      Jump into the ocean of Shyam.
      Jump into the ocean of OM.
13.Key to Mukti is Bhakti.
      Key to Bhakti is Shakti.
      Key to Shakti is Bhukti.
14.Live not to eat.
      Live not to cheat.
      Live not to theft.
15.Mind is evil.
      Mind id devil.
      Mind is rascal.
16.Name of the Lord purifies the mind.
      Name of the Lord purifies the intellect.
      Name of the Lord takes us to perfection.
17.Over eating is bad.
      Over sleeping is bad
      Overtalking is bad.
18.Pivot of knowledge is scripture.
      Pivot of Bhakti is love.
      Pivot of Mukti is heart.
19.Ask not anything.
      Ask indeed for all things.
      Ask almighty for all things.
20.Repeat Hari.
      Never worry.
      Be merry.
21.I saw an ant – I found God in it.
      I saw an elephant – I found God in it.
      I saw a cat – I found God in it.
22.Many desires – many problems.
      Single desire - single problem.
      No desire - no problem.
23."Quit India" says Mahatma Gandhi.
      "Quit the world" says Lord Yama.
      "Quit all the fourteen worlds" says Lord Almighty.
24.Hate not others.
      Beat not others.
      Cheat not others.
25.Start the day with God.
      End the day with God.
      Fill the day with God.
26.Touch, but feel not.
      Taste, but relish not.
      Turn, but fear not.
27.Understand yourself.
      Understand the Universe.
      Understand the Universal Being.
28.Viveka discriminates between good and bad.
      Vichara discriminates between the permanent and the impermanent.
      Vedanta discriminates between the knowledge and ignorance.
29.Wonder is the world.
      Wonder is the word.
      Wonder is the curd.
30.X-ray your body, you will find the broken bones.
      X-ray your mind, you will find the Maya of the mind.
      X-ray your intellect, you will find your perverted path for Truth.
31.Yesterday is no more, think of it no more.
      To-morrow is very far, think of it no more.
      To-day is in your hand, make the best use of it.
32.Zero is the man, when he dies.
      Zero is the mind, when it finds it's indweller.
      Zero is the world, when one realizes Lord Almighty.
33.Eyes are given to you, to see God in him.
      Eyes are given to you, to see God in her.
      Eyes are given to you, to see God in it.
34.Ears are given to you, to hear His story.
      Ears are given to you, to hear His history.
      Ears are given to you, to hear His glory.
35.Nose is given to you, to smell Tulasi of His feet.
      Nose is given to you, to smell Bilva of His feet.
      Nose is given to you, to smell Rose of his feet.
36.Tongue is given to you, to sing His glory.
      Tongue is given to you, to read His history.
      Tongue is given to you, to tell His story.
37.Body is given to you, to eat His food.
      Body is given to you, to sleep in His bed.
      Body is given to you, to work in His House.
38.Empty your stomach to fill it with food.
      Empty your thoughts to fill the mind with His thoughts.
      Empty your heart to welcome Him into your heart.
39.Work becomes worship, when we work for him.
      Worship becomes work, when we worship Him for fulfilling our selfish desires.
      Work and worship are twins.
40.Sun rises daily due to the fear of God.
      Wind blows daily due to the fear of God.
      Man has no fear of God, as he invites his own doom.
41.Hands are given to you, to work in His world.
      Hands are given to you, to serve His children.
      Hands are given to you, to prostrate to His feet.
42.Legs are given to you, to walk in His world.
      Legs are given to you, to go to His House.
      Legs are given to you, to reach His Abode.
43.River is my sister.
      She goes to the ocean of water.
      I go to the ocean of my creator.
44.I sleep for God.
      I weep fpr God.
      I sweep for God.
45.I walk in God.
      I talk in God.
      I joke in God.
46.I go in God.
      I come in God.
      I run in God.
47.I sit in God.
      I stand in God.
      I move in God.
48.Karma is pain.
      Karma is gain.
      Until I finish my karma, to this world I come again.
49.I earn money to give it to many.
      I earn the name to glorify Ram.
      I earn the fame to proclaim of shyam.
50.Cross indicates to cut off your Ego.
      Cross indicates to cut off your l-ness.
      Cross indicates to cut off your individuality.
51.Cross indicates, that God is ready to embrace you.
      Cross indicates, that you have to go to God with empty hands.
      Cross indicates, that God is the witness of all your actions.
52.Cross indicates, to offer your life to God.
      Cross indicates that God is all pervading.
      Cross indicates that God is seated in your own heart.
53.Flute indicates, not to leave the hands of the Lord.
      Flute indicates, to keep empty of your own thoughts.
      Flute indicates, to be simple as much as possible.
54.Flute indicates, to sing the song of God.
      Flute indicates, to speak with the mouth of God.
      Flute indicates to love with the heart of God.
55.Flute indicates, to become, as light as possible.
      Flute indicates, to keep your burden in the hands of God.
      Flute indicates, to sing the glory of God.
56.Tree teaches, to be patient in all things of life.
      Mountain teaches, to be firm in your spiritual Sadhana.
      River teaches, to continue your Sadhana regularly until you reach the goal of life.
57.Ocean teaches us Universal love.
      Ocean teaches us the broad – mindedness.
      Ocean teaches us that the individual souls are not different from the supreme soul.
58.Ocean teaches us Self-control.
      Ocean teaches us Self-knowledge.
      Ocean teaches us Self-Realisation.
59.Ocean teaches us fearlessness.
      Ocean teaches us the Song of God.
      Ocean teaches us grandeur of God.
60.Sun teaches us the greatness of God.
      Sun teaches us the destruction of ignorance.
      Sun teaches us the devotion to God.
61.Sun proves us the existence of God.
      Sun proves us the luminosity of God.
      Sun proves us the intelligence of God.
62.Sun teaches humbleness to man.
      Sun teaches us the dedication to God.
      Sun teaches us that the world is impermanent.
63.Do not argue for unnecessary things.
      Do not argue for unwanted things.
      Do not argue for unconcerned things.
64.Stars teach us the independence of God.
      Stars teach us the power of God.
      Stars teach us the infinity of God.
65.Stars teach us the universal love.
      Stars teach us the union of religions.
      Stars teach us the power of Unity.
66.Stars teach us the simplicity.
      Stars teach us the steadiness of mind.
      Stars teach us the "Sermon on the Mount.
67.Rain teaches us about the Grace of God.
      Rain teaches us about His compassion.
      Rain teaches us about the kindness of God.
68.Rain gives us health.
      Rain gives us wealth.
      Rain gives us strength.
69.Rain gives us water.
      Rain gives us pleasure.
      Rain reminds us of our creator.
70.Moon gives coolness to the mind.
      Moon shows the steps to ascend.
      Moon shows the steps to descend.
71.Moon is the ornament of Lord Siva's head.
      Moon is the toy of the boy.
      Moon is the joy of the child.
72.Moon gives delight.
      Moon gives cool light.
      Moon gives light for the whole night.
73.God is inside me.
      God is outside me.
      God is in all sides of me.
74.Pray for God's Grace – but do not pray for worldly pleasures.
      Weep for God's Grace – but do not weep for worldly things.
      Sing the songs of God – But do not sing cinema songs.
75.God is playing in fourteen worlds.
      God is playing in four directions.
      God is playing in five elements.
76.Good man shines because of bad man.
      Sincere man shines because of insincere man.
      Truthful man shines because of untruthful man.
77.Solution of problems is God.
      Solution of troubles is God.
      Solution of sorrow is God.
78.Rich man is one, who receives God's Grace.
      Poor man is one, who is devoid of God's Grace.
      Happy man is one, who feels God's presence.
79.Remember the death of man.
      Remember the Dance of Siva.
      Remember the God in dog.
80.Rama is the devotee of Siva.
      Siva is the devotee of Rama.
      Both are the devotees of their devotees.
81.God's Grace comes, when you take His refuge.
      God's Grace comes, when you think of Him alone.
      God's Grace comes, when you have no other source.
82.See God in the idol.
      See God in the idiot.
      See God in the illiterate.
83.Divine Life is spirituality.
      Divine Life is simplicity.
      Divine Life is sincerity.
84.Dedicated life is Divine Life.
      Devoted life is Divine Life.
      Discriminative life is Divine Life.
85.I love Lord Jesus – but I dislike the people, who do not understand Jesus.
      I love Lord Buddha – but I dislike the people, who do not understand Buddha.
      I love Lord Krishna – but I dislike the people, who do not understand Krishna.
86.Your property belongs to Mother Earth.
      Your body belongs to the five elements.
      You yourself belong to the Universal Being.
87.Do not expect the fruit from the heaven.
      Do not escape from the hard work.
      Do not accept the reality of the world.
88.O Lord ! from the standpoint of the body I am your servant.
      O Lord ! from the stand point of individuality I am the part of you.
      O Lord ! from the stand point of the self, there is no difference between you and me.
89.Guru is great, who teaches about the "Great thing".
      Guru is a boatman, who helps to cross the ocean of Samsara.
      Guru is he, who removes the ignorance of this disciple.
90.Real disciple never sees the defects of his Guru.
      Real disciple sees all goodness in his Guru.
      Real disciple is concerned only about his progress in life.
91.After knowing which, nothing is left to be known, is the real knowledge.
      After attaining which, there is no need of doing anything is real peace.
      After getting which, where there is no desire of anything, is real Bliss.
92.God sees with His two eyes of Sun and Moon.
      God works with His four hands of East, West, North and South.
      God walks with His two legs of Earth and Ether.
93.I am that, which is also "This".
      I am this, which is also "That".
      I am that which is both "That and This".
94.Blind man is one, who does not see God in this world.
      Deaf man is one, who does not hear His sweet voice in the Nature.
      Lame man is one, who does not go to the temple of his own self.
95.Working for God is Tapas.
      Struggling for God is Tapan.
      Thinking of worldly pleasures is Tamas.
96.Destruction of egoism is real death.
      Construction of God's thoughts is real health.
      Concentration upon God's form is real wealth.
97.God, who gave us "Sermon on the Mount" is Jesus.
      God, who gave us "The Bliss of Nirvana" is Buddha.
      God, who gave us "The Nectar of Gita" is Krishna.
98.Drop is in the ocean. But the ocean is not in the drop.
      Tree is in the forest. But the forest is not in the tree.
      Ray is in the Sun. But the Sun is not in the ray.
99. When the drop meditates upon whole ocean, it becomes the ocean.
      When the tree meditates upon the whole forest, it becomes forest.
      When the ray meditates upon the whole Sun, it becomes Sun.
100.Meditation is fruitful, when mind merges into God.
      Meditation is fruitful, when intellect accepts its defeat in front of God.
      Meditation is fruitful, when self merges into the Supreme Self.
101.Do not laugh at others – but laugh at your own self.
      Do not weep for others – but weep for your own self.
      Do not try to uplift others – but try to uplift your own self.
102.See God in grass.
      See God in glass.
      See God in gas.
103.Do not try to teach others – but try to teach your own self.
      Do not try to preach others – but try to preach your own self.
      Do not try to reach others – but try to reach your own self.
104.Do not try to become a Guru – but try to become a true disciple.
      Do not try to become a Maha Mandaleshwar – but try to become the master of your own mind.
105.Jesus is Buddha – Jesus is Krishna.
      Buddha is Jesus – Buddha is Krishna.
      Krishna is Jesus – Krishna is Buddha.
106.Love Jesus – live like Jesus.
      Love Buddha – live like Buddha.
      Love Krishna – live like Krishna.
107.O Christians ! try to construct the church of cheerfulness.
      O Buddhists ! try to construct the pillar of compassion.
      O Hindus ! try to construct the temple of love in your own hearts.
108.Minimise your wants.
      Minimise your thoughts.
      Minimise your chitchats.
109.Do not take Sannyas if you do not like it – but don't criticize sannyasins.
      Do not hate sinners – but hate the sinful acts.
      Do not show sympathy on others – but show sympathy on your own self.
110.Teach to learn more.
      Learn to teach more.
      Preach to become humble more.
111.O man ! live long to love all beings.
      O man ! live long to know that the life is short.
      O man ! live long to install God in your own heart.

(These sentences were blessed by the gaze and grace of H.H. Swami Chidanandaji Maharaj and H.H. Swami Krishnanandaji Maharaj).


1. Absolute Reality is my Guru.
2. Ananda Sagara (Ocean of Bliss) is my Guru.
3. Atma Rama (one who dwells in one's own self) is my Guru.
4. Ananta Purushothama (Lord, one who has no end) is my Guru.
5. Beyond body and mind is myGuru.
6. Because of my Guru I exist in this world.
7. Below is my Guru. Above is my Guru.
8. Beginning is my Guru and end is my Guru.
9. "Cheating others is cheating your own self" says my Guru.
10. "Character depends upon the condition of the mind" says my Guru.
11. "Charitable person is attracted by all people" says my Guru.
12. "Chit chat wastes our time" says my Guru.
13. "Dig at one place and you willfind the water" says my Guru.
14. "Depend upon God only and not upon any other person" says my Guru.
15. "Deep knowledge makes a person egoless" says Guru.
16. "Drama is this world. You need not worry whatever happens here" says my Guru.
17. "Everything is every where at every time" says my Guru.
18. "End of the mind is the beginning of God-Realisation" says my Guru.
19. "Everlasting peace can be had only in ever existing God" says my Guru.
20. "Empty yourself and fill it with Supreme Self " says my Guru.
21. "Find out where you came from and where you will go" says my Gurudev.
22. "Freedom we find no where until we realize God" says my Gurudev.
23. "Fixing our whole mind in God is called "God Realisation" says my Gurudev.
24. "Firm faith in God is the key for Self-Realisation" says my Gurudev.
25. "God is there, where you cannot see any bad thing" says my Gurudev.
26. "Good person is he, who sees God in every person" says my Gurudev.
27. "Ghost is he' who wastes his time in obtaining perishable things" says my Gurudev.
28. "God comes in the form of a Guru, to the spiritual seeker" says my Gurudev.
29. "Happiness comes when the individual soul merges in God" says my Gurudev.
30. "Healthy person is he, who never forgets God at any time" says my Gurudev.
31. "Handover all your hand-work to God" says my Gurudev.
32. "Him I love, who has no hatred towards any body else" says my Gurudev.
33. "I am other to you and you are other to me" says my Gurunath.
34. "Identify with the Absolute Reality is the aim of our Life" says my Gurunath.
35. "Ignorant is he, who never knows what is I" says my Gurunath.
36. "Is it true that you are not in God?" asks my Gurunath.
37. "Joy is the essence of life" says my Gurunath.
38. "Jealousy is a disease' which can be cured only be seeing God in all beings" says my Gurunath.
39. "Jungle is that place, where ignorant people live" says my Gurunath.
40. "Journey towards the Absolute is the purpose of our Life" says my Gurunath.
41. "Knowledge of Truth is the knowledge of yourself" says my Gurunath.
42. "Knot of ignorance is the cause of our birth in this world" says my Gurunath.
43. "Kneeling down indicates the fall of egoism"
44. "Kites are we in the hands of God" says my Gurunath.
45. "Karma is that which is our own production" says my Gurunath.
46. "Keep all your belongings in the hands of God" says my Gurunath.
47. "Killing the egoism is the key to the Kingdom of God´ says my Gurunath.
48. "Kick the pleasures of the world and reach the goal of life" says my Gurunath.
49. "Life is the journey towards the infinite God" says my Gurunath.
50. "Love is that which makes to forget one's own self" says my Gurunath.
51. "Liberation is not limited to space and time" says my Gurunath.
52. "Lock the door of egoism and open the door of perfection" says my Gurunath.
53. "Mind is like a film that covers the consciousness of the self" says my Gurunath.
54. "My own" does not apply to the facts operating in the world" says my Gurunath.
55. "Money makes a man big in this world" says my Gurunath.
56. "Mind becomes a monkey when it wants the pleasures of the world" says my Gurunath.
57. "No one can know God, because God is beyond the knowing faculty" says my Gurunath.
58. "Nothing exists beyond God" says my Gurunath.
59. "Noble person becomes nobody in this nonsense world" says my Gurunath.
60. "Never forget God, but forget youself" says my Gurunath.
61. "On the table is God and in the tiger is God" says my Gurumaharaj.
62. "Only God exists and nothing else exists" says my Gurumaharaj.
63. "Open the door of heart and close the door of hatred" says my Gurumaharaj.
64. "Object is the part of the Subject" says my Gurumaharaj.
65. "Partless is the perfection" says my Gurumaharaj.
66. "Peace of mind is possible when the entire mind enters into God" says my Gurumaharaj.
67. "Purification of a person is possible when his mind is filled with the thought of God" says my       Gurumaharaj.
68. "Put all your efforts to realize God and not for any thing else" says my Gurumaharaj.
69. "Question of life is "how the life came into being" and knowing it, is spiritual Sadhana" says my       Gurumaharaj.
70. "Quarrel between Ram and Rahim is the result of not knowing the self" says my Gurumaharaj.
71. "Quality of any thing is superior than the Quantity" says my Guru Bhagawan.
72. "Quenching the thirst of desires is not possible unless we realize God" says my Guru Bhagawan.
73. "Rich person's body is not made of gold and a poor person's body with mud" says my Guru       Bhagawan.
74. "Regard your Guru as the representative of God" says my Guru Bhagawan.
75. "Reward of human life is the realization God" says my Guru Bhagawan.
76. "Reply to the problem of life is to attain perfection" says my Guru Bhagawan.
77. "See God in all and do not see bad in any body" says my Guru Bhagawan.
78. "Sing the glory of God at all times to come" says my Guru Bhagawan.
79. "Sit at one place and put the question to yourself who am I ´ says my Guru Bhagawan.
80. "Sunday is the day to contemplate upon the self-sun" says my Guru Bhagawan.
81. "To live is to think of God" is the saying of saints" says my Guru Parameshwar.
82. "Top most person is he, who tries to remove his egoism totally" says my Guru Parameshwar.
83. "Total surrender is the secret of total love" says my Guru Parameshwar.
84. "Toys are we in the hands of God" says my Guru Parameshwar.
85. "United States of the Absolute are the continents of the world" says my Guru Parameshwar.
86. "Until we reach God, we will have no peace of mind" says my Guru Parameshwar.
87. "Umbrella is the sky for the world" says my Guru Parameshwar.
88. "Uprooting the egoism is the task of a spiritual seeker" says my Guru Parameshwar.
89. "Very existence of man is to know God" says my Guru Parameshwar.
90. "Vision of God is possible when we loose our limited vision" says my Guru Parameshwar.
91. "Vedic of this world is opposite to the vedic of God" says my Guru Jagannath.
92. "Victims we become when we forget God" says my Guru Jagannath.
93. "Why of the world can be answered when we surrender to God completely" says my Guru Jagannath.
94. "Wisdom of the man is known when he knows the root cause of this world" says my Guru Jagannath.
95. "World is the effect of God's thought" says my Guru Jagannath.
96. "Wandering in the world is not the way to know God" says my Guru Jagannath.
97. "X-rays are the subtle Sun's rays" says my Guru Jagannath.
98. "Xylam God is Lord Jannath" says my Guru Jagannath.
99. "Xantippe wife is the hell of the house" says my Guru Jagannath.
100. "Xenial is the culture of India" says my Guru Jagannath.
101. "Yearning to earn the Grace of God is the duty of a spiritual seeker" says my Guru Narayan.
102. "Yesterday was to-day, yesterday and to-day becomes yesterday tomorrow" says my Guru Narayan.
103. "Yourself, myself, himself, herself, itself in all, the self is common" says my Guru Narayan.
104. "Young age was childhood in the past and young age becomes old age in future" says my Guru       Narayan.
105. "Zoo shows us the creation of God" says my Guru Narayan.
106. "Zeal to realise God is necessary for a spiritual seeker" says my Guru Narayan.
107. "Zero becomes the world, when we make zero of our egoism" says my Guru Narayan.
108. "Zend Avesta takes us to the goal of life" says my Guru Narayan.

(These sentences were written after my Gurudev's Brahma Nirvan on 23-11-2001)

Harih Om Tat Sat.
Om Shantih Shantih Shantih.

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